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Sharing platters
The best sharing platters 

       Half        Whole

GILDA SELECTION                                  pcs.         2,50

Anchovy with piparra and olives

EGGPLANTS TEMPURA                    8,00             12,00

with sugar cane honey and


HAM CROQUETTES (6 ud)                7,50             11,50


"BRAVE" POTATOES                                             10,50

with a bit of chilli

NACHOS WITH MELTED CHEESE                        12,50

guacamole and pico de gallo


SPANISH POTATO SALAD              8,10               12,50

with tuna and mayonnaise


CRISPY CHICKEN                                                  13,20

with mustard and honey sauce and 

yogur​t sauce

DICED POTATO AND                                            14,50


with Andalusian sauce and Parmesan cheese


with Japanese Kimchi mayonnaise (8 pcs.)

Top Healthy

Top Healthy
The healthiest and lightest platters

KUMATO AND TUNA SALAD                                12,00

with arbequina oil and maldon salt


BURRATA WITH CHERRY TOMATO                      9,60

with watercress and quinoa


CONFIT ARTICHOKES                                            15,10

with idiazabal sauce and crispy onion (3 pcs.)

Apto para foodies

Suitable for Foddies
with a lot of flavour

FRIED OXTAIL GYOZAS                                        14,50

with oriental sauce and wakame seaweed

CHEEKS IN A BAO BREAD                                    15,80

in red wine with guacamole and seeded bread


CHICKEN RISOTTO                                                15,00

chicken with sun-dried tomatoes and green asparagus

De la mar

Of our seas...
our best fish

GRILLED OCTOPUS BROCHETTE                       18,00

cwith paprika oil (3 pcs.)

SALMON TARTAR.                                               20,00

with mango gazpacho and avocado cream

VEGETABLE COUSCOUS WITH                            16,10


and furikake cream

TUNA TATAKI                                                        22,00

with soja and honey

Meat Lovers

Meat Lovers
For the more carnivorous

BEEF CARPACCIO                                                 14,00

with Parmesan and rocket slices

SIRLOIN STEAK TARTAR                                     20,00

to taste spicy

SMASH BURGER                                                    15,00

with cheddar, bacon and crispy onion

CRISPY CHICKEN BURGER                                   15,00

with rucola and tomato


ENTRECÔTE                                                         22,00

charcoal-grilled with potatoes


1 KG T-BONE STEAK (MIN. 2 PEOPLE)                48,00

charcoal-grilled with potatoes

In the restaurant area there is a charge of €2/person 

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